Emily Gregory

   Born:   5:49pm 17th July, 2003.
   Weight: 4.285 (9 pound 7 ounces)
   Length: 53cm (21")
   Head:   37.6cm (~12cm diameter)
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Since I was born:

   Now:  18th June 2005
   Age:  23 Months
   Weight: ~12kg (26 pounds)
   Length: ~73cm (29")??
   Clothes: 1-2

Tue Jan 17 16:09:07 EST 2006

What? Since Jeremy was born, Dad hasn't let me update my website, and now "Daddy gone, Daddy at Airport". When really I know that he's off having fun Snowboarding.

Luckily, I managed to fix the computer here, and make some updates while he was away. And to get you all up to speed, I know lots of songs now, including my ABC's, although I can still only count up to 12 or 13. I've been spending lots of time with my cousins, and grandma, and I've now got two brand new cousins, Rebecca and Kaitlyn. Both are doing well.

I've went Camping in September with all my Brisbane cousins. That was really fun, and I really started to enjoy the ourdoors while I was there.

Sat Jun 25 01:14:14 EST 2005

I'm still not feeling too well, but I finally managed to get all the photos up, and so here they are. Click on the photo to see the larger group of photos.

Some more random photos.

Trip to cairns are with sooz.

Bike brisane, sea world again, easter, and me being cute

Me being cute, and my Grandad!

A day out with Katie! Hi Katie! And a trip to sea world.

In February my Gregory Grandparents came for a visit that was fantastic. Amongst other things, I got to feed an elephant!

Just some random pictures of me being cute.

Movie World in January.

Dreamworld with Caitlyn and Tyson.

Just after Christmas we had all the Robsons all come and stay with us. Now that was great 4 big girls to chase around and have them look after me. And we had a party and everyone came!
Finally, all the photos are up .. so here are a few on my favourites. These are from Christmas 2004.

Tue Jun 21 00:44:31 EST 2005
It's been so long since I saw my Daddy (10 days), Mummy was telling me on the plane that I would get to see him soon, but seeing is believing. When I saw him .. I started running, and give him a big hug, then another one, and another one .. and then my Dad started saying "Again", "Again" :-) And I had to take a moment to look at him, just to make sure it was him. Everyone else around us was smiling too, even complete strangers. I'm not sure why, but it does seem to happen a lot.

I've actually not been feeling too well lately, and I think the computer is sick too, I've been uploading all the new pictures (1.8gig), but it's been going for nearly two days. I think my Dad must have messed it up.

My Daddy spent all day with me today, it was great! But since I wasn't feeling too well, all I really wanted was for him to cuddle me, and carry me around the house. It's a pity he's not as comfortable as Mummy, else I'd fall asleep in his arms .. that would be great. But Mummy also isn't feeling too well, so we consoled each other, and that was lovely.

Sun Jun 19 16:00:11 EST 2005
There is so much to tell. I've been to the zoo, fed an elephant and a goat, patted a snake, seen dolphins at SeaWorld, jumped on a trampoline, walked in Central Park, been to DreamWorld (twice), MovieWorld, Australia Zoo (twice), Kurumba, rode on a train, sleep in my own "big" bed, been on the SkyRail. I can tell the difference between a truck, a car and a bus.

But the best thing lately has been riding on the bike with my Dad. The first time went on the bike, I didn't know what was happening, so I complained and whinged as they were playing with my face, putting things on my face, and strapping me into this seat. But minutes later we were cruising down the road and great speed, wind in our hair (well kind of), and it was great .. but it was only like 2 minutes, so I complained some more when they tried to take me off. I forgave them the next day when we rode for must have been 50 km's with Paul, Helena, Steve, and of course Aunty Helen (Bike Brisbane 35k ride) :-). Later that day we went to SeaWorld with Granddad Gregory. Oh .. what a great day. I gave my dad a great big hug. (20th March 2005)

The next time we went seemingly all over town. I'm sure dad was lost. He turned around three times and that was just getting to the start line! But to make up for it, he helped a lady on the side of the road who had caught her chain in her bike just 2k into the ride. At the end of the day, he was slowing down, especially up the hills, so I started taunting him, and telling him he's a slacker, and he made it. I would have done it myself, but my legs don't reach down to the pedals. (Brisbane-Bay 30k).

Tue Feb 8 15:11:14 EST 2005
My Daddy is a slacker. But I love him anyway.


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